Use laser hair removal for permanent reduction of facial or body hair

Full body or facial hair removal with laser treatment has become a popular treatment at Khrom Dermatology MedSpa and Wellness Florida of Coral Springs, Florida. With the Candela GentleMax Pro laser device, patients can enjoy permanent hair reduction and removal. The treatment works by aiming a concentrated light beam at the hair follicle. The energy from the laser light is converted into heat and damages the hair follicle without causing any harm to surrounding skin tissue.

The laser targets the melanin, a pigment found in dark hair. This makes it an effective treatment for those with dark hair as it absorbs more of the laser’s energy. The laser uses two different wavelengths of light, making it an effective treatment for all patients, including light and dark skin types.  However, people with lighter hair may not see the same results, and the laser might not be able to target their hair follicles effectively.

To achieve the best results, multiple laser sessions are required. Hair grows in various stages and can only be targeted during active growth. As a result, each session focuses on a different set of hairs during their active growth stage until all the hairs in the treatment area have been addressed.

How many treatment sessions do I need?

The number of sessions required varies from person to person and depends on factors such as hair thickness, hair color, and skin tone. On average, most patients at Khrom MedSpa and Wellness Florida require anywhere from six to eight sessions for permanent hair reduction. However, some patients may need more or less depending on their individual characteristics.

What should I expect after my procedures?

After each session, patients can expect to see a gradual reduction in hair growth. Some patients may notice that the treated area becomes patchy, with some areas having no hair while others still experiencing hair growth. This is entirely normal and expected, as not all hairs will be in the active growth stage during treatment.

Is permanent hair removal with laser treatment right for me?

Determining candidacy for this and other Medspa services starts with a consultation appointment with Dr. Khrom and her team at Khrom Dermatology MedSpa and Wellness Florida. Call (954) 688-9677 and request a time with our team at our office in Coral Springs, FL, at 12462 West Atlantic Boulevard.